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Schedule a Virtual Session

Energetic connection is not dependent on physical proximity or touch. Whether you are physically with me or not, I can connect with your energy and work within your aura. Wherever you are in the world, we can work together! Just fill out the Session Request Form below to get started!


All Full and Mini sessions are done virtually over zoom, facetime, or phone. Self Reflections will be sent to you via email.

The Full Experience,  60 min: $70,  90 min: $100

This offering embraces the intuitive and creative flow of spirit; it's a magical mixture of whatever feels most right for you in the season you’re in. We’ll thoughtfully combine different holistic healing modalities to create a spiritual medicine for your soul, allowing you to clear your energy, sink into spirit, and tap into intuitive guidance for the wisdom you are seeking.


Using reiki energy healing, chakra balancing, sacred ritual, oracle cards, or guided meditation, we’ll hold space to manifest your intention. This is a sacred time for you to reflect, recenter, release, and recharge in a way that is personal to your own soul’s magic.

The Mini Session, 30 min: $40

Just enough time for a chakra check-in or oracle card reading while you refocus and recenter on your intentions. A holy moment in your busy day. Sacred ritual doesn’t need to be elaborate, it's simply about intention and holding space to allow room for magic!

Session Summary Add-On, $20

Add a session summary to any Full or Mini session. I'll email you a PDF write -up of all we discuss, interpretations of any cards we pulled, and reflection prompts to guide you as you continue processing. 

Supported Self Reflection, $70

This offering is for those who would prefer to process on their own time or whose schedule makes it difficult to connect virtually. I’ll just have you answer some questions via email about your intentions and what you’re seeking. Then I'll send a write-up of the cards I pulled for you and my intuitive interpretation, ritual and reflection ideas so you can dive in deeper, and a recorded meditation specific to your journey. This way you can process within the time and space that works best for you!

Includes oracle reading, reflection prompts, ritual inspiration, and recorded meditation.

Self Reflection PLUS, $100

You'll get everything included in the Supported Self Reflection package, in addition to a chakra reading and reiki energy tune up (you do not need to be virtually present with me for this to happen, I'll fill you in on it all afterward!). I'll include all of your chakra information on a summary sheet for you to explore. 

Includes oracle reading, reflection prompts, ritual inspiration, and recorded meditation PLUS reiki chakra reading and summary sheet

Session Request Form


I also practice craniosacral therapy, myofascial unwinding, and neurotherapy at The Wellness Spa in Stevens Point, WI. These healing modalities help address chronic and recurring pain due to accidents, injuries, or overuse, they help get to the root of physical and/or emotional symptoms, and provide a holisitic way of addressing trauma in the body.


I've found this kind of care to be extrememly helpful in my own healing and have had lasting results. Visit the website if you are interested in learning more and would like to schedule a Restorative Therapy session with me!

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