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Meet Lexie

I create. I write. I collect magazine clippings and am obsessed with shadows dancing on the wall. I'm the one laying in the middle of the floor because that's where the sunbeam is landing.


I'm an intuitive, a teacher, a guide. I'm a healer of sorts, holding sacred space for you to relax, tap into your intuition, and connect with your highest self.


Everything you need to heal and grow is already in you! Sometimes you just need someone to sit in that space with you so you can really listen and decipher what it means.


That's my role, not the one who does the healing for you, but the one who guides you to find it within yourself. It is the highest honor and I look forward to working with you!


Lexie will calm your nerves. She explains what she is doing and is very open to conversation throughout to make sure you are comfortable. 

Kyle M.

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