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Reiki Energy Healing

Reiki is a healing energy that can bring us back into energetic alignment and support us in being our best selves. It's a tool to connect with the universe and align with its flow, to dive deep into our souls and access the magic that is always available to us. 


Energy makes up all we are, all we think, all we feel. It's ever flowing in us, through us, and around us. Sometimes it gets heavy, bogged down, unaligned, or holds painful attachments that do not serve our highest good. There may be things blocking our chakras and affecting our flow. We can use reiki to help get back into alignment, clear our energy centers, and heal our wounds. This is an energy used to cleanse, detoxify, and raise our energetic vibration, while connecting with intuitive spirit for wisdom, encouragement, and guidance. 

Please note that I do not use reiki to diagnose or treat medical conditions. However, reiki may help with pain management and relaxation and may provide insight to the emotions or trauma surrounding any physical pain, illness, or injury you may be experiencing.

Keep reading below for more information on commonly asked questions:

Reiki is a relaxing and healing experience. An opportunity to better understand yourself and your energy. Reiki could help someone who is looking for guidance, someone who is off-balance and inconsistent, or someone who is searching for answers or healing.

Jessica B.

What Does Reiki Feel Like?

Reiki is a powerful relaxation technique and you may experience a variety of energetic or physical sensations even if I am not touching or working with your physical body. These feelings are not painful and are just something to observe, allow, and be curious about.

You might feel tingles or buzzing similar to the feeling when your foot is asleep, temperature changes (heat or cold), feelings of weightlessness or extreme heaviness, feeling butterflies in your stomach or a lump in your throat. Some people also find themselves twitching, stomach grumbling, yawning, coughing, or crying. These are all forms of energy release and are completely natural. It's the body's way of accepting, releasing, and realigning.


I felt calm and connected. I could feel warmth in the areas that Lexie was working on. It was very comfortable and pain-free. I felt very connected to my intentions afterward and was quite relaxed during and after.

Kyle M.

Meditative Visions

It was comfortable and relaxing, I experienced visions of a lion or tiger-like face immediately during my mediation. At one point my arms felt weightless, almost like they were floating in water. The most intense energy experience I had was the feeling that if I looked up to the sky, I could project a beam of intense light straight to the universe from my throat/mouth - the energy was not negative, it felt like my fair share of energy to give to the universe.

Bryan B.


I felt relaxed during my session. I experienced the energy in two different ways; temperature and flashes of light. My session was completely pain free.

Tara B.

Waves of Energy

It was an amazing experience, I felt tingling, floating and strong waves of energy in and around my body. It felt like I was being massaged on the inside of my body. Never painful or uncomfortable and it felt like the negative energy was being pulled and lifted from my body. I saw colors and shape silhouettes inside my head and behind my eyes.

Kathy S.

Almost Dreaming

During the session I felt very relaxed, almost like I was asleep and dreaming. There were times I felt cold and had shivers down my spine but in a soothing way. It was not painful or uncomfortable. I really enjoyed how I felt during the session and didn’t want it to end!

Tegan L.

Powerful Experience

I felt so relaxed, more relaxed than I have been able to achieve independently. I spent the session laying down in bed with my eyes closed. Initially I felt tingling and cool. I focused on my breath. I fell asleep for a short period of time and woke up independently minutes before Lexie finished the session. It was a powerful experience.

Jessica B

How Should I Expect to Feel Afterward?

After a session, most people feel extremely relaxed and meditative. Some also feel tired and ready for a nap or early bedtime. In the days following, people often feel  energized, grounded, peaceful, inspired, confident, connected to the universe, more in-tune spiritually and thinking clearly. Reiki often expands awareness and people feel a sense of oneness and wholeness.

How Do I Know if My Energy is Blocked or Unaligned?

Your chakras are energy centers in your body from which energy flows. These energy centers each govern different elements of your physical body as well as your spiritual and emotional body. When your energy is unaligned or if there is a blockage in one of your chakras, you may experience different ailments or discomforts. 

  • You feel depressed, anxious, exhausted, burned out, numb, disconnected, tired

  • You are experiencing illness or pain

  • You feel worried, confused, spacey, disconnected from reality

  • You feel angry, stressed, frustrated, unforgiving

  • You find it hard to think, feel, or process emotions

  • You feel alone and isolated

  • You are having difficulties in relationships (romantically, with family, or with friends)

  • You find yourself continually going back to negative habits and patterns that  you don't want to do but keep doing anyway

  • You're stuck in unhealthy thought patterns

  • You feel stuck creatively, finding it hard to move forward in your goals

  • You have gone through significant trauma and feel its effects on your body or mind

  • You have low self-esteem and low self-worth

  • You have trouble speaking your truth. You can't say what you need to say

Do Distance Sessions Feel Real?

Energetic connection is not dependent on physical proximity or touch. Whether you are physically with me or not, I can feel your energy, work with your aura, and connect with you intuitively. Wherever you are in the world, we can work together!

In Sync

It did feel real. I could sense that "gears were turning" between us,  in sync, and that work was being done, energy was being exchanged.

Bryan B.

Amazed by Energy Connection

Yes, I was pleasantly surprised and amazed by how much of an energy connection there was from a distance, I can't even imagine how it could've been any stronger by being in the same room.

Kathy S.


Absolutely! This fascinated me! It was very real and relaxing. I felt connected from afar knowing and feeling that energy work was being completed.

Jessica B.


I was surprised how well distance sessions worked. I was aware of the incoming energy and healing that was being performed.

Shannon K.


During my distance session, I still felt connected to Lexie even though she wasn’t physically there.  I experienced the same sensations as I did during an in-person session.

Tara B.

Is Reiki Religious?

Reiki is not affiliated with any religion. Reiki is just simply energy and everything in the universe is energy. Connecting with this energetic force promotes deep relaxation and connection with intuition. Stress, conflict, and day-to-day exhaustion may cloud your vision, but during a session you may see and understand things with greater clarity. 


There isn't a theological or religious affiliation with any part of your session. You are welcome to call this universal magic whatever feels comfortable or aligns with your beliefs. The Higher Self.  Intuition. The Universe. God. Goddess. Creator. The Divine.

Does reiki conflict with my religion? What if I believe in God? Can I do reiki if I'm a Christian?

These questions are complex because religion and spirituality are unique to your background, beliefs,  and personal experience. What I think or what I'm comfortable with may not be the same for you.  While this form of healing is not connected with any religious practice or theology, in the end, it's about you and your beliefs and the choice you want to make for yourself.

I do want you to feel comfortable, safe, and respected in our sessions, so please tell me what language you'd prefer we use in your session.

 A Note on Religious Trauma and Abuse

Some people seeking energy healing through reiki are wanting to heal from religious trauma, spiritual abuse, or have experienced unhealthy relationships with religion or leaders in those spaces.  As you seek freedom and healing, you may feel hesitant to work with a new practitioner because of the vulnerability and intimacy created in this therapeutic context.  


I take this very seriously and enter into new client relationships with great care to ensure you feel safe and respected. I am aware that certain elements may be triggering and will discuss with you ahead of time how we can curate the most comfortable and safe environment for you and establish a healthy relationship together. 

You might be going through a difficult time and would benefit from more frequent sessions. Processing through long-standing trauma usually occurs across multiple sessions since trauma embeds deeply in the body and energy field over time. Trust your intuition and learn how your body feels when you need a little extra support. How often you schedule a session is really up to you and what you feel you need or desire!

Is Reiki Safe During Pregnancy?

Yes! Reiki is a safe and nurturing relaxation method you can try during pregnancy. Reiki doesn't manipulate muscles or tissues; it's purely energetic. 

Reiki creates a loving and comforting space for the growing baby and may draw the mother and baby together in a deeply intimate way. Reiki also supports the physical, emotional, and spiritual journey of the mother during pregnancy. Mothers may feel more centered, grounded, peaceful, and rested after a session. The relaxation effect of reiki may also help relieve discomforts such as nausea, exhaustion, pain, tension, or insomnia. 

After giving birth, reiki also can be extremely beneficial for both the mother and the baby. Reiki will support the physical, mental, and emotional healing and relaxation you desire!

How Do You Know How to Do This?

Reiki teachings first originated in Japan in the early 1900s by Dr. Mikao Usui.  Practitioners trained in reiki have been attuned to its frequency and serve as conduits for the energy to flow through to the participant.


I completed the Reiki 3: Master Teacher attunement and have received hands-on training in using reiki. My training involved study of energetics (properties of energy and its movement), training on chakras, and the technical aspects of using reiki. 

For me, reiki involves intuitive connection and interaction with higher dimensions and within the spiritual realm. This is something that  has evolved over time as I commit to my practice. I often receive messages or see visions that serve as symbolic metaphors of your current state and the healing occurring in your session. I will share any intuitive messages that come through if you are open to that. I simply serve as a conduit or medium through which guidance and encouragement from the universe can flow! 


I have a team of spiritual, physical, and metaphysical practitioners and healers I work with who support me in my own wellness and growth.  I continue to learn and grow daily and am committed to a practice of meditation, energetics, and self-reiki.

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