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Oracle Cards

Oracle cards are a tool you can use to connect with your intuition, that internal knowing, the realm of the great divine. Art and illustrations hold powerful symbolism, and the message you need is what you'll see in the cards. Most decks also include a guidebook with a passage elaborating the message and bringing wisdom and encouragement as you continue on your quest. 

Here are the basics of choosing and using your oracle deck, but know that there is so much more to be discovered! I hope you find encouragement and wisdom in your cards and that magic fills your soul!


Choosing a Deck

Choosing a deck is a personal process and you may interact with it differently depending on the season you're in. Choose a deck you feel drawn to because of the art or the colors, the vibe it gives off. See how you like the author's style of writing and how the messages hit you. Know that they'll speak to you differently over time and maybe you'll find that one in particular just really speaks to your soul!

*The deck pictured is Sacred Rebels Oracle by Alana Fairchild, my first oracle deck and one of my absolute favorites. The guidebook is amazing!

Get to Know Your Cards

When you're ready to work with your deck, take some time to breathe and maybe even close your eyes as you hold the cards, feeling the energy meld with yours. Tap or brush the cards off to clear any energy from previous readings. Really feel into the deck and see how the cards are working with you. 

If it's a new deck, maybe take time to look through each of the cards or take special note of the first card you pull, as it can signify the energy of the deck and how you'll both work together. 

*The deck pictured is The Muse Tarot . by Chris-Anne. Very artsy and poetic! Check out the website for card images and additional content!


Choose Your Card

Shuffle your deck until it feels right. Trust your inner knowing. Maybe your card will just pop right out, or maybe you want to pick one at random. Sometimes I like to seperate my cards into piles and use a pendulum to see where it swings, eliminating piles until just one card is left.


Change it up and see how you feel, have fun with this part of the process! You can't do it wrong! If you pull a card and it doesn't feel right, just put it back in and try again. 

*The deck pictured is  Secrets of the Mystic Grove by Arwen Lynch. I love the colors, the theme words, and the space provided for notes in the guidebook!


Questions and Spreads

Ask a question, set an intention,  and then use the cards as a guide toward intuitive wisdom about whatever you're seeking. Maybe you just want to pull one card for guidance as you start your day. Maybe you want to pull three, for the energy of the past, of the present, and of future. There are infinite ways to pull cards and bring questions forward! Look online for oracle spread ideas and don't be afraid to just make up your own!

*The deck pictured is The Earthcraft Oracle by Juliet Diaz and Lorriane Anderson. The art is captivating and the guidebook includes rituals with each card!

Rosebud Tarot

Interpret the Message

Take some time to study the art on your card, noticing the colors, the image, the symbolism. Pay attention to how it makes you feel and how it might fit in with the question you're seeking. Draw your own meaning from the card before reading the guidebook; remember that you are your own magic!

*The deck pictured is The Rosebud Tarot. It was gifted to me from a friend and is one of the most beautiful treasures!

Oracle vs. Tarot

Oracle and tarot cards aren't really that different in how they are used. Both oracle and tarot can be used as a tool to help access answers and guidance from above and within. Ttarot decks always have the same number of cards and are divided into suits and numbers, each card holding the same theme or meaning across decks, just with a twist from the artist and their interpretation. Oracle cards do not have set guidelines; there may be any number of cards with all kinds of meanings. 


*The deck pictured is The Intuitive Night Goddess Tarot. I could spend hours looking at each card! Absolutely gorgeous. 


Alternate Oracle Methods

You don't need to just stick to the cards and the guidebooks; messages from the universe are everywhere! Pull out a book or some poetry and intuitively open to a page, seeing what wisdom you find on the page. Open a magazine and see what picture or image stands out and how it makes you feel.


Notice the world around you, the trees and the birds and the way the wind is blowing, interpret your dreams or recurring patterns. Anything can be a message if you're open to magic!

*The deck pictured is the Sacred Destiny Oracle by Denise Linn. I love using this one to bring understanding and metaphor to what I'm working through!

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