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"Highly Recommend"

Lexie is always looking out for what is best for me. She does a great job of keeping me at an even keel when I try to push too hard on my healing. She reminds me to have grace for my body to heal. She is special and gifted at what she does. Her aura and energy are so welcoming. Like you have known her forever. I highly recommend her! 


-Kyle M. 

"Continues to Stay With Me"

The session has really sunk in with me and continues to echo in my day-to-day routine.  It is relaxing, meditating, and is what you make it. It's all about you, so make it your experience, get comfortable and do what relaxes you. It should be an experience of meditation and focus, level-headedness, and clear thoughts.   


-Bryan B.

"More Progress With Reiki"

I would recommend reiki to anyone who is experiencing past trauma setbacks, depression, anxiety or any number of personal issues, including marital discrepancies, work or home related problems and so on. I find more progress and change through reiki over any other avenues of mental health therapy or support I’ve tried.   

-Shannon K.


"Spiritually Validating"

It was an experience that I will never forget and  will definitely do many times again. Very beneficial and positive. The experience was very spiritually validating and definitely led me to more clarity and awareness. This awareness has helped me to have better life balance, with less worry and catching my negativity before it spirals down. I'm making healthier choices, leading to more energy and all around positivity.   I would recommend it to everyone. 

-Kathy S. 

Share Your Experience

A testimonial is a gift not only to me, but to those wondering if this is the right thing for them! If you've had a session, class, or workshop with me,  share all your thoughts!

Thank you SO MUCH for your feedback!


A reiki session was everything I didn’t know I needed at the time. I will book another session with Lexie in the future. The experience was so powerful and profound, I was extremely impressed. Lexie has a great gift and was very easy and comfortable to work with!   

Jessica B.

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