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Set an Intention

Intention has power. It sets the stage for what we manifest and how we experience life. It doesn't have to be complicated, it's simply the reason for why you are doing what you're doing and in what spirit you go about pursuing something. 

Why are you attending a class or event? What do you hope to gain from it? Why are you scheduling a session with me? Where are you channeling the healing? Why are you engaging in ritual? What's the reason for that sacred space? 

Here are some simple guidelines and steps to get you started. You may choose to journal, meditate, or take time to think. However you do it, allow yourself to be honest with yourself and curious about anything that comes up. 




Center yourself and be present in your body. Take a deep breath and allow your awareness to encompass all of your being. 

How does it feel to be within your body these days? How does it feel in your spirit?

Take inventory of all that's on your plate. Obligations, expectations, intuitive nudges, wishes, and dreams. 

If it's helpful to journal, write all that's on your mind.


What Do You Want More Of?

What do you want to manifest?


What do you want to create?


Where in your life, your mind, your body, or your relationships are you inviting healing?


How do you desire to grow? What are you hoping to cultivate?



What Are You Ready to Release?

What do you want to let go of?

Is there something not serving your soul these days?

What are you ready to move on from?

What are you looking to transform into a new energy that will serve your spirit and nurture your soul?


How Do You Want to Feel?

Manifesting isn't just about the thing at the end that you're hoping for, it's about how you want to feel when you have it. 

How do you want to walk through this world? What is the feeling that drives you?

What gives you hope? Inspiration? Embody these feelings as you work toward something new!



What Do You Wonder?

Where are you feeling stuck? Where are you needing momentum and motion?

Is there any confusion? Things you don't know or wonder?

Phrase your question in a way that negates limitations.

Is this in my highest good right now? What is the lesson I'm learning? What else is possible?

Formulate your question, feel its energy rise through you as you present it to your higher self, your inner wisdom, and project it into the universe. Clarity comes when we ask the right questions!


Allow Curiosity to Manifest

Be open to allow the spirit of the universe to move. Wisdom often comes when we least expect it. Maybe the answers you're seeking are already in front of you!

Allow yourself to ask questions from a state of neutrality and accept the invitation to explore the broadest realms of spirit!

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