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Create an Altar Space

Across traditions and cultures all over the world,  people have been creating altars, sacred spaces to honor important things in their lives. For centuries we've known that there is power in creation and in using ritual to embrace holy spirituality. And this sacred practice can be easily integrated in our modern lives today.  


Using all kinds of trinkets and objects and bits,  an altar shows gratitude to the universe.  It's a way to give thanks to the magic that holds and suppports us as we breathe life into our dreams. 

An altar can be as simple or ornate as you desire. And if you work with the same space over time, you'll likely witness it grow and evolve. Set an intentional place to house this creation and allow your art and ideas to flow freely as you work with the energy of the universe!



Consider what you can use as a base for your altar, how you'll set the space for your ritual. This might be something temporary, or maybe something you keep up for a while.

  • A space on a dresser, shelf,  nightstand, or mantle

  • At your place at the table, corner of your desk

  • Use a bowl, plate, basket, or turntable

  • A small place in your car

  • In a cabinet, wardrobe, or jewelry box

  • At the base of a tree, in your garden or yard



Consider creating an ecclectic collection of whatever you feel drawn to in nature. Notice what items embody the energy you want to play with.

  • Plants, trees, leaves, petals

  • Sticks, acorns, seeds, pinecones

  • Feathers, scales, bones, skins, wings

  • Berries, fruits, nuts

  • Shells, corals, rocks, sand, driftwood

  • Grasses, stalks, stems, dandelion puffs

  • Fresh flowers or herbs



Consider adding things to represent each of the different elements. 

  • Earth: stones, sand, sticks, wood, plants, crystals

  • Air: smoke, incense, sage, charcoal, feathers, butterfly wings

  • Water: goblet, vase, shell, coral, sand dollar, sea glass

  • Fire: candle, incense, charcoal, ash, candleabras, palo santo



Consider adding things that you can experience with all your senses.

  • Smell: incense, sage, palo santo, essential oils, flowers, herbs, spices

  • Sight: play with light, shadows, shapes, or colors

  • Taste: incorporate tea, coffee, chocolate, or snacks

  • Hear: music, chimes, bells, tuning forks, singing bowls

  • Feel: furs, fabric, scarves, beads, felt, velvet, garland, ice, heat


Objects and Totems

Consider adding representations of the energy you are working with or manifesting.

  • Photographs

  • Oracle or tarot cards

  • Globe or a map

  • Jewelry, pendants, keepsakes, rosary, beads 

  • Statues, totems, figurines, religious symbols

  • Knives, swords, daggers

  • Images of guides, gods, or goddesses

  • Pictures cut from magazines

  • Money, cash, or coins

  • Vessels, goblets, bowls, boxes, trays, baskets, bottles

  • Art supplies, musical instruments, tools of creation


Words of Intention

Consider adding words to signify your intention.

  • Poetry

  • Fortunes

  • Books

  • Letters left unsent

  • Journal, written questions or intentions

  • Oracle or tarot cards

  • Prayers, chants, affirmations, mantras, verses

  • Song lyrics, hymnals, sheets of music

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